ITS Conference and Workshop

ITS in Theory and Practice

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) provide a wide variety of solutions to existing transport problems and to the ecological and societal challenges presented by an increasing demand for mobility. With growing capabilities of information, communication and automation techniques and an increasing digitalization in all domains of transport and mobility, a future with high fidelity transport information in a seamlessly connected, safe and highly automated mobile world for all types of traveler draws ever nearer. In order to respond to the multifaceted character of these developments, science and practice within the mobility domain involve an increasingly broad range of different disciplines.

The mobil.TUM conference will therefore once again serve as an opportunity for international dialogue across disciplines on the latest challenges and achievements in ITS. The conference is organized by the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control of TUM (Technical University of Munich). It will explore the various aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems, focusing on the latest technologies and solutions and the perspectives for which they allow. The conference will consist of presentations, poster sessions and panel discussions, and is accompanied by a small exhibition.


  • Progress and effects of digitalization in mobility services and transport systems
  • Automation and self-organization in traffic flow and control
  • Interactions between personalized ITS-technology and the individual as well as the society
  • Traveler’s behavior in a connected systems and the influence of assistance systems
  • Designing and modeling mobility in a multi-modal environment
  • Progress in traffic flow theory and modeling of cooperative transport
  • Crowd sourcing, new data acquisition technologies and data fusion
  • Cloud computing, internet of things and related theories applied to cooperative ITS
  • Cooperative traffic control at hotspots, in networks and at special events
  • Progress in transport system simulation on various scales



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